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November 24th, 2022

Episode 93. The Singing Santa Has Been Performing for 37 Years

  1. Episode 93. The Singing Santa Has Been Performing for 37 Years Carolyn Berry 37:42

Welcome to Episode 93 of the Adventures with Grammy Podcast. Today’s guest, Tom Long, began performing as the Singing Santa in 1985 when he was 21 years old. He knew that first Christmas he had chosen the right avocation when a curly headed lad with big brown eyes said he wanted to hear Santa say, “Ho. Ho. Ho.”

Throughout the years the Magic of Christmas and watching parents light up when their children sit in Santa’s lap have fueled Tom’s passion for performing as The Singing Santa. An invitation to work with Marie Osmond and an appearance on America’s Got Talent added a bit of spice to his role. When he retires from his day job as the general manager of the largest restaurant chain in Virginia, Tom intends to up his Singing Santa productions and hopes to perform with The Rockettes and during the Macy’s Parade.

Tom says his career as The Singing Santa would not be possible without the support of his wife. Even his three children help out making the Christmas season truly a family affair for the Long household.

I began our interview by asking Tom to talk about his children and how he incorporates them into his performances.





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Carolyn Berry Retired Educator, Podcaster

Carolyn Berry, a retired educator, is a grandmother on-the-go with her grandchildren. Known as MaMa Berry to her grandchildren and their friends, she continues a tradition with her grandchildren she and her late husband, Gary, began when their three children, Craig, Renee, and Todd, were young: provide experiences and adventures to create memories that last a lifetime.

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