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October 6th, 2022

Episode 91. Mrs. Claus Shares a Christmas Story

  1. Episode 91. Mrs. Claus Shares a Christmas Story Carolyn Berry 39:56

Mrs. Claus has a busy schedule, but she stopped by the Adventures with Grammy Podcast to let you know she is ready to bake cookies with your grandchildren, tuck them in with bedtime stories, and gather around the family room to tell stories and sing songs.

We know Mrs. Claus as Debra Weller, our guest on Episode 54, who talked with us about the art of storytelling. Today she will help us count down the days to Christmas … less than 90 days away … and share with us a special story.

Before we hear the story, Debra will give us insight into her professional credentials and continuing education, including a recent conference she attended.

Please visit the show notes to contact Debra and arrange visits with Mrs. Claus or to learn more about storytelling.

949-295-7634 @debstoryteller
@debstoryteller Instagram


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Carolyn Berry Retired Educator, Podcaster

Carolyn Berry, a retired educator, is a grandmother on-the-go with her grandchildren. Known as MaMa Berry to her grandchildren and their friends, she continues a tradition with her grandchildren she and her late husband, Gary, began when their three children, Craig, Renee, and Todd, were young: provide experiences and adventures to create memories that last a lifetime.

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