1. Micronutrition - Vital for Thriving and Striving into your Nineties David Frost 26:35

Micronutrition is critical to KABOOMER livelihood. Yet, as KABOOMERs’ birthday candles grow in number, their capacity and ability to absorb and replenish tiny “vita” elements and compounds diminish.  Further, each KABOOMER faces unique conditions – age, possible gluten intolerance, drug prescriptions – that can impact livelihood.  This podcast addresses three categories of available MicroNutrients – minerals, vitamins, and Phyto compounds.  Koach Dave highlights a few – including “the missing link of regeneration.”  He cites an assertion by double-Nobel winner, Linus Pauling, that we can “trace every disease in man to a mineral deficiency.”

Overviews of “Micro” absorption, replenishment, inhibitors, and enhancers are offered.  Koach Dave stresses both the importance of whole foods and “undercooking” Vitamin P(lant) foodstuffs to help with absorption. You should gain a comfort level of why Fitness professionals are often checking on clients’ micro- (and macro)-nutrition. Be well!

David Frost Master Fitness Trainer