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Creating Moody, a Doll for Emotional Management by Jennifer Ginty

  1. Creating Moody, a Doll for Emotional Management by Jennifer Ginty Amy Taylor / Jennifer Ginty & Moody 11:50

### 🌟 Show Notes for “Advancing With Amy: Jennifer Ginty & Moody”

In this delightful and uplifting episode, Amy chats with Jennifer Ginty, a heroic survivor who’s turned her trials into triumphs. Jennifer shares her inspiring journey from struggling with complex PTSD and major depressive disorder to creating “Moody,” a therapeutic doll that helps children (and adults!) cope with big emotions in a healthy way. Plus, she dives into how dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) has transformed her life and how she’s passing on these essential coping skills through her engaging YouTube channel “moody talks.”

### 🎉 Highlights of the Episode:
– Discover the origin story of Moody, the doll designed to be ripped apart and reassembled, mirroring the ups and downs of emotional regulation.
– Learn how Jennifer’s creation is making waves not just in homes but also in therapy sessions and classrooms, aiding both children and adults.
– Get a sneak peek into Jennifer’s YouTube channel where she shares monthly insights on different emotions, complete with DBT strategies.

### 🛍️ Grab Your Own Moody!
Feeling like you need a Moody in your life? Whether it’s for you, your children, or even your grandchildren, Moody is here to help manage those towering emotions. Plus, don’t miss out on the adorable Moody-themed coloring book, perfect for discussing big feelings with little ones. Jump on the chance to pre-order now at [www.mymoodiemonster.com](http://www.mymoodiemonster.com).

### 👍 Stay Connected!
Loved what you heard? Don’t forget to follow or subscribe to “Advancing With Amy” on your favorite podcast platform. Spread the joy and share this episode with friends or anyone who could use a little Moody in their lives!

### 🚀 Keep on Advancing, Warriors!
Thank you for tuning in to another episode of Advancing With Amy. Remember, healing isn’t linear, but every step forward is a step toward triumph. Keep advancing, warriors! 

**Don’t forget to tune in next week for more inspiring stories and practical tools to help you along your mental health journey.**

Amy Taylor Mental Health Warrior & Neurospicy Mama

Hi, I'm an older single Mom in Missouri. I'm 53 and have a grown son with his own family and then I'm still raising a 13 year old daughter. I live a full life while having bipolar disorder, ADHD and anxiety. My daughter lives a very full life as well while having Autism, Anxiety, & ADHD. I work full time as a social worker during the day and am working towards my MBA at night. On the weekends I have started podcasting which has become a very fun hobby and helps me spread the word about mental health issues and neurodiversity and hopefully help end the stigma and spread some hope.

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