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May 12th, 2024

Storytelling for Business Growth: Unveiling Your Unique Narrative with Leslie Fiorenzo

  1. Storytelling for Business Growth: Unveiling Your Unique Narrative with Leslie Fiorenzo Anu Arora 32:36

Leslie Carranza is a tenacious business presentation coach with over 30 years of experience in corporate environments as a human resources professional. A lifelong learner, Leslie holds a master’s degree in human resource development and has achieved numerous certifications. In this episode of the “Mindful Leadership”, Leslie joins Anu Arora to explore the intersection of mindful leadership and effective communication. Her journey of Resilience and determination inspires listeners as she shares strategies for cultivating clarity, empathy, and authenticity in communication. Through mindfulness practices like gratitude Journaling and focused breathing, Leslie empowers individuals to conquer stage fear and connect authentically with their audience. Her emphasis on active listening and empathy underscores the transformative potential of mindful leadership, fostering deeper connections and driving positive change in personal and professional realms alike. Listeners are sure to benefit from Leslie’s wealth of experience and practical guidance, discovering how mindfulness can enhance their communication skills and leadership abilities.


Find more about Leslie at:


Anu Arora Mindful Leader Practices with Anu Arora

Anu Arora is an Executive coach, Mindfulness teacher, and host of the "Mindful Leader Practices" podcast. Anu is a highly regarded professional known for her expertise in coaching, leadership development, emotional intelligence, and psychological safety.

With a passion for guiding leaders towards their full potential, Anu serves as an executive coach, empowering individuals to unlock their leadership capabilities and cultivate mindful practices. She specializes in building authentic connections, fostering positive work cultures, and facilitating meaningful growth.
As a mindfulness teacher, Anu shares the transformative benefits of mindfulness in leadership development. By integrating mindfulness practices, she helps leaders enhance self-awareness, improve decision-making, and foster well-being in both professional and personal lives.

Anu's insightful blog delves into topics such as leadership, emotional intelligence, and psychological safety. Her writings provide practical guidance and actionable insights for individuals striving to become effective leaders and create inclusive work environments.

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