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May 11th, 2024

Meet Me in Ivy Falls by Amy True

  1. Meet Me in Ivy Falls by Amy True Daniel Lucas 37:12

In the gorgeous small town of Ivy Falls, Torran is putting all her passion into building her new career in house restoration, trying desperately to help the town keep its identity and charm. She has no time for love but when her childhood sweetheart, Beck, comes back to town and outbids her on her dream house at auction, sparks fly. This man broke her heart. Can she ever trust him again?

For Beck, Ivy Falls means trauma and loss. He knows his sudden departure hurt Torran badly but there are things she doesn’t know. He never intended to return to Ivy Falls so why is he there, bidding on his childhood home? His feelings for Torran are as strong as ever but Torran means Ivy Falls and Beck can’t go back there. Can he find a way to heal his past and find his future?

Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/daniel-lucas66/message

I am charismatic podcast host known for his in-depth interviews and witty commentary. With a voice that instantly captures listeners' attention, I dives deep into thought-provoking topics, blending humour with insightful questions that draw out the best in his guests. My podcast, has garnered a loyal following, with fans praising his ability to break down complex subjects in an engaging and relatable manner. Whether he's discussing technology, culture, or personal growth, My genuine curiosity and passion shine through, making each episode a must-listen.

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