1. John Bura - Mammoth Interactive Mike Mayer and Donovan Morrison 40:20

We've all heard about entrepreneurs starting their businesses at home, but John Bura may be the first guest on The CEO Next Door to launch his company out of his bedroom. 

On the final episode of season three, we chat with John about the story behind Mammoth Interactive. We learn how John went from teaching guitar lessons in Calgary to founding a company that produces games, apps, and training content for a variety of platforms and audiences. 

Mike Mayer CEO Next Door

For the past 25 years, I've led digital transformations for billion-dollar B2B companies including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Crescent Electric and U.S. Electrical Services.

In 2020, I had an ‘aha’ moment. There were no agencies specializing in digital marketing for distributors and manufacturers, so I built one!

I also host a podcast called the CEO Next Door where we have weekly conversations with groundbreaking entrepreneurs who share their journeys to success.