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May 12th, 2024

A Mother's Love: Episode 291

  1. A Mother's Love: Episode 291 Robin Black 3:32

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A mother’s love, it has no ceiling. A mother’s love is enough to make a grown man cry. 

There almost isn’t anything a mother won’t do, when it comes to doing for her child.

A mother will give her last breath to save her child’s life. 

The strength that it takes to be a mother, words can’t even explain. 

A mother can complain and be mad but will still be there to save the day.

No matter the time, no matter the hour, she’ll be right there every time you call. 

I never knew motherhood until I had my own. You can read all the books in all the world but there’s nothing like the natural instincts that kick in. 

To see my mother or hear her laugh is still what makes my day and makes me smile.

There's so much love that goes into a mother and being a mother, and I thank God for blessing me as a mother every single day. 

When your child is hurting rather their sick or had their first heartbreak. It’s your mother that can feel your pain, often wishing it was her instead of you.

 But it’s God who gives us the strength to understand that it’s all a part of life and He will get us through but know that no one will be there for you like your mother will. 

As children grow older it’s as if the roles reverse and the last thing sons and daughters want is to see their mother cry or to see her in pain. We then become protective of our mother and nobody better mess with her. 

There's so much power behind being a mother, so much work and dedication. No matter if you’re a surrogate mother, an adoptive mother, a mother of child loss, a birth mother, or a mother figure.

 It’s an honor and a true blessing that all of you bring to this world and so much knowledge and wisdom that you give. Just ask any mother her story. We all have a testimony and know we are all connected like that bridge over troubled waters.

No matter how hard it gets or how hard it has been, we will make it through.

 Happy Mother’s Day

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