1. Thriving in Midlife: Here's a Mindset Reset Everyone Needs Right Now|Kathy Batista Karin Jakubowski, Ed.D. 35:00

Kathy Batista is a mindset, mindfulness and mood coach for women. She explores Midlife transitions and ways to find renewed joy and fulfillment. Kathy discusses her own journey, the importance of connecting with your inner self, and the three pillars of growth. She also offers practical advice for those seeking guidance on this journey.

Uncover an holistic approach with the 3 PILLARS that women can harness for personal development success! From unlocking inner potential to building Resilience, Kathy Batista shares her expertise on transforming Midlife challenges into opportunities.

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Dr. Karin Jakubowski is an Elementary Public School Principal, Host of the Podcast, "Momnificent", Certified Master Life Coach and Speaker. She is passionate about helping moms first take care of themselves to be their best for their kids.

Dr. Karin Jakubowski created the Podcast, "Momnificent" after close to two decades of dedicated work within the education system. Her vast experience includes Certified Master Life Coach, Speaker and Principal of one of the top 50 schools in the nation, as well as a National Blue Ribbon School (2021). Over time, her experience in leadership revealed the need for more collaborative problem solving strategies when it came to behavior management. The dominant approach to correction or intervention just wasn’t working, and she found that using more intuitive tactics coupled with family connection prompted powerful results.