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June 12th, 2023

EP 24 – Dating Essentials Review

  1. EP 24 - Dating Essentials Review Paul Nelson 31:19

Highlights for this Episode:

The Glossary term is: Orbiting, where someone keeps popping up on your social media radar, waiting to make a move for a date.

In the Retro/Etiquette Segment – We listen in on how the US Navy demonstrates to their officers the right and wrong way to handle a Dinner Invitation. From Blondes Prefer Gentlemen. 1965 US Navy Instructional Film.

Paul reviews the book: Dating Essentials for Men by Dr. Robert Glover. Highpoints include recognizing the Bad Dater Cycle, Understanding the Relationship Pyramid, where you learn to identify the correct type of person to date. And the significance of being a good ender and effectively ending relationships if they are the wrong type.

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50 Dates at 50 Website:

Dating Essentials for Men: The Only Dating Guide You Will Ever Need by Dr. Robert Glover   Amazon Link:

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