Sunday - September 25, 2022
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Midlife Dating Podcast

Paul Nelson( From Independent Podcaster)

Gen Xer’s and Boomers rejoice. Your dating woes are over. With Paul Nelson’s 50 dates at 50 podcast, fun dates are but a click away. Here you’ll get the skinny on how to enjoy dating relationships where courting never ends. Learn to weed out online pretenders from genuine dating potential, while enjoying memorable dating experiences. Combine old-school chivalry with modern dating tools, and turn your dating busts into dating bests. Paul teaches the importance of having the proper mindset needed to enjoy successful dates. In his unique and classy way, as someone in today’s dating trenches, Paul has your back. Listeners get dating-related books, movie reviews, and fun date ideas to experience. Lost on what to do on your next date? Paul takes you on a visual journey of fun locations from museums, art galleries, eateries, festivals, and places to watch street theater while getting to know each other, over coffee or drinks.” Your first or twenty-first date should be memorable,” says Paul. So, Guys and Gals, give up those lonely nights and weekends. By subscribing to Paul’s 50 dates for 50’s podcast, learn how to really enjoy life again.

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