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June 18th, 2022

Episode 13 – Increasing Your Conversational Prowess

  1. Episode 13 - Increasing Your Conversational Prowess Paul Nelson 26:13

Ever wonder if you're being played when arranging a date? Our Dating and Relationship Glossary Term for this episode, “Call to Confirm,” helps decipher the answer. Next, cheerful and funny dating stories are what the Midlife Dating Podcast is all about. Paul shares one of his personal stories in this episode. It was a mystery to solve when it was happening, but it also reveals how entertaining life can be when you get out there and improvise. Finally, have you ever gone to a meetup date and been short on conversational material? In the Potpourri Segment, Paul explains by example how you can quickly deepen your well of conversational topics while driving, walking, or working out.

We're retaking dating questions now that the podcast production is more dialed in. If you've got one you'd like Paul to answer on the podcast, please submit it to the email address below. We'll keep your identity confidential. The team is also looking to add a woman's point of view to the podcast! If you're a Gen X or Boomer gal interested in contributing, please get in touch with us at the same email address.

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