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September 21st, 2022

EP 16 – Dating Truths: Part 1

  1. EP 16 - Dating Truths: Part 1 Paul Nelson 22:09

Have you ever heard of the Flannel Nightgown? It's our glossary term for this episode, and it explains the transition that develops in all romantic relationships.

I'll be reviewing the movie Sing Street, released in 2016. It will bring us back to the 80s when things were so much simpler. The film has a great message about taking risks in putting yourself out there and being willing to accept some levels of humiliation as you grow, learn and chase your passion. 

In the Potpourri Segment, I'll cover “Dating Truths,” Part 1. These truths emerged out of repeating patterns and behaviors I began to pick up on when I started dating again in my early 50s regarding Soul Mates, Rejection, and how to test the dating waters effectively.

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