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338. The Science Behind Meditation – Ann Swanson

  1. 338. The Science Behind Meditation - Ann Swanson Kara Goodwin 35:36

Tired of scrolling through your phone, feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

What if I told you that the key to immediate relaxation and long-term brain health is just a few minutes away?

Ok, ok, I know you know I’m going to talk about meditation – this is the Meditation Conversation, after all. But let us remember and really consider all of the incredible benefits that science has confirmed about this ancient practice. And this is what Ann Swanson brings in spades – expertise in the fascinating research that underscores all the various ways meditation benefits us body, mind, and soul.

In a world of ancient wisdom and modern science, uncover the unexpected power of meditation to transform your well-being. Dive into the surprising secrets of sound frequencies, the mysterious connections between ancient Sanskrit and modern neuroscience, and the practical, real-world approach to meditation that will change your life. Discover how a simple, science-backed practice can enhance your brain health, reduce stress, and bring immediate calm to your daily life. It’s time to unlock the potential within your mind and experience the profound benefits of meditation in the real world. 

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover how meditation enhances brain health for a sharper mind and clearer thinking.

  • Uncover the powerful impact of sound frequencies in meditation for a deeper and more transformative practice.

  • Explore the profound influence of meditation on chronic diseases for improved overall well-being.

  • Learn practical meditation practices tailored for modern life to find inner peace and balance in a fast-paced world.

  • Understand the crucial role of breath work in maximizing meditation efficiency for a more fulfilling practice.

Ann Swanson, the author of the internationally bestselling book “Science of Yoga,” is a notable figure in the field of yoga therapy and meditation. With a Master of Science graduate degree in yoga therapy and extensive studies in India and China, she has acquired a deep understanding of the intersection between ancient practices and modern scientific research. Through her latest book, “Meditation for the Real World,” Ann provides practical, science-backed techniques that reflect her personal journey of overcoming chronic pain and anxiety. Her expertise lies in elucidating the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of meditation, offering valuable insights for individuals seeking to enhance brain health and overall well-being through accessible and realistic methods. Ann’s work serves as a wonderful resource for those looking to incorporate meditation into their daily lives with a practical, science-backed approach.

The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:06 – Introduction 00:00:56 – Ann’s Journey to Meditation 00:06:53 – Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Meditation 00:09:35 – Ann’s Personal Journey with Meditation 00:14:04 – The Power of Sound in Meditation 00:16:37 – The Power of Different Types of Noise in Meditation 00:19:11 – The Influence of Frequency and Hertz on Brain States 00:21:54 – The Impact of Beats Per Minute on Mental State 00:24:29 – The Science Behind Chanting and Mantras 00:30:24 – Introducing “Meditation for the Real World” 00:33:28 – The Power of Meditation 00:34:04 – Embracing Imperfect Environments for Meditation 00:34:24 – Gratitude and Connection 00:34:46 – Mutual Learning and Sharing 00:35:16 – Call-to-Action

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Visit to learn more about Ann Swanson’s book Meditation for the Real World and to access free meditation audios with music. 

  • Share this episode with someone who would benefit from it to spread the knowledge and benefits of meditation.

  • Check out for a free ten-minute meditation, a 21-day online program to develop your own meditation practice, and the healing hearth membership for live online assistance with meditation and life questions.

  • Connect with Ann Swanson on Instagram at @scienceofyoga for more insights and information on the power of sound and meditation.

  • Read Ann Swanson’s book Science of Yoga next year, which delves into the science behind yoga and meditation. 

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Kara Goodwin Meditation and Transformation Coach

Kara Goodwin is like a personal trainer for spiritual aspirants. She is passionate about helping those who wish to expand beyond the physical plane to tap into the wisdom and gifts within them and grow into a truer understanding of who they are. While she derives great fulfillment from swimming in mystical waters, she equally values nurturing her Earthly side through motherhood, animals, plants, and treatment-free beekeeping.

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