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August 21st, 2023 Mature Content

Seek the Good with Josh Bachynski

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  1. Seek the Good with Josh Bachynski Maria T. Finch 47:01

Are you able to give yourself an empowering perspective?
Philosopher and AI expert Josh Bachynski is back to share more of his philosophy–join us for a fascinating conversation! Josh’s philosophy is the simplest terms is, “Seek the good.” We go in depth about what this means and how to apply this philosophy to every day life. Josh walks us through the “Spin the Clouds” meditation, which is a powerful way to soothe oneself and to ease emotions before they overwhelm us. If you or someone you know is facing challenging times, tune in to learn ways to ease emotions and shift to a perspective that will make life easier!

What you’ll learn:

  • Seeking the good means looking at any situation and looking for the good even if it’s some tiny little thing, for the solution, for the way through.
  • How to do the “Spin the Clouds” meditation, a powerful way to calm your emotions.
  • By paying attention to an emotion as it surfaces, you may be able to soothe yourself before it escalates using the Spin the Clouds meditation. You can adjust your perspective and ease your emotional response.
  • Your amygdala (reptilian brain) operates in on/off. It does not reason. In any situation, when you feel your stomach clench (or other physical response), you have the ability to provide yourself with context, which can turn the amygdala off, so that your body will relax instead of going into fight/flight response.
  • You can take the third person approach with yourself…provide yourself with context and tell yourself that it will be OK because in most situations, it will be!
  • How a change of scenery can help quiet your mind and soothe you.
  • And so much more!

Connect with Josh:
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Philosophy stuff:
Podcast: Hack Your Brain With Meditation

Maria T. Finch, Intuitive Strategy Guide and host of the Silence the Mindcluck Podcast, works with motivated people

  • who are unsatisfied with one or many aspects of their lives despite their success, and
  • who are ready to make fulfillment and success go hand in hand.

Is this you? Maria will teach you how to silence the mindcluck that leaves you unsatisfied or even miserable despite your success. Maria will guide you to tune into your intuition to create and execute strategies that will shift you from feeling frustrated AF to being the queen or king of your existence.

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Maria T. Finch Inner Intelligence Coach

Maria T. Finch is an Inner Intelligence Coach at Silence the Mindcluck. Mindcluck means what you think it means…the mind chatter everyone experiences that can derail even the best moments. Maria works with high achievers who are unsatisfied in one or many aspects of their lives. She guides them to silence their mindcluck and tune into their inner intelligence to build and execute strategies that shift them from feeling frustrated AF to being the queens or kings of their lives.

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