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November 1st, 2023

Why Not To Retire

  1. Why Not To Retire Don Akchin 31:59

Gary Allen Foster, an executive recruiter and career transitions coach, thinks traditional Retirement is a bad idea. At 80, he considers himself semi-retired, working as much as he wants and keeping his mind sharp and his body fit. In this interview he discusses his thoughts on a variety of topics related to the last stage of life:

* His discovery that high achievers never stop creating.

* How Retirement resembles an iceberg – most of its shape invisible until you’re upon it.

* Why the traditional 20-40-20 pattern of education, career, and Retirement is being replaced by a cyclical model in which we dip in and out of different stages throughout our lives.

* His observation that two-thirds of Americans approach their Retirement years without a nonfinancial plan for how to spend them.

* What people at mid-life can and should do to prepare for life’s second half.

* Why Americans average 12 1/2 years of ill health at life’s end – and how Retirement impacts that.

To learn more about Gary Foster, check out his website,

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Don Akchin Publisher/Podcaster at The EndGame

Don Akchin is a recovering journalist who publishes a weekly newsletter and biweekly podcast called The EndGame, which encourages "chronologically gifted" baby boomers to live their later years with joy and purpose. In his former life he wrote for magazines, newspapers, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations.

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