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Discover the Perfect Destination for Your Retirement or Remote Work Abroad #337

  1. Discover the Perfect Destination for Your Retirement or Remote Work Abroad #337 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 39:17


In this episode, I am speaking with Emily Bron from International Lifestyle Consulting. Emily helps people relocate for Retirement or for remote workers to find their ideal destinations. Emily has relocated to a foreign country multiple times in her life. You will probably pick that up by her accent. She is relocating again and helping others do the same.

Read the Emily’s bio:

After living and working in 4 countries (3 continents), experiencing several immigrations, changing professional fields (engineering, research, banking, IT, and travel consulting), and being an avid traveler with a cultural discovery mindset, she created International Lifestyle Consulting to advise how to find the best matching place for you to relocate abroad for a better quality of life, work, or Retirement.

  • As a professional Baby Boomer and remote worker, she is relocating again!
  • Her guidance and advice are based on the following:
  • Her multi-immigration and life experience of relocating alone and with family
  • Daily follow-up on the selected destination news and immigration updates
  • Firsthand travel experience at each location
  • Thorough destination inspection with relocation in mind
  • Real-time updates for each recommended area
  • Knowledge of immigration options and the relocation process
  • Information from local contacts and resources
  • She is fully proficient in English and Russian and can speak other languages.

This episode is sponsored by Career Pivot. Check out the Career Pivot Community, and pick up my latest book, Repurpose Your Career: A Practical Guide for the 2nd Half of Life Third Edition.

For the full show notes and resources mentioned in the episode click here.

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