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SuperAging: Getting Older Without Getting Old

 Author: David Cravit  Category: Aging  ISBN: 1954854862  Pages: 256  Tags: Book | David Cravit | Larry Wolf |  Buy Now

Get older without getting old!

Welcome to the dazzling new world of SuperAging, where everything you’ve been taught about aging is challenged. Getting older does not need to mean the end of accomplishment and growth. For SuperAgers, the period after age sixty-five can be one of the most productive and fulfilling times of life.

SuperAging is already a reality for millions. But the science, business, and culture of aging have changed at such a rapid pace that they can be hard to keep up with. That’s where authors David Cravit and Larry Wolf can help. They’ve broken SuperAging down into seven simple components—Attitude, Awareness, Activity, Autonomy, Achievement, Attachment, and Avoidance—and in this groundbreaking book, they show how you can put these forces to work in your own life. From taking control of your health and health care to revolutionary ways of thinking about Retirement, money, housing, and even relationships, you’ll discover how to make your seventies, eighties, nineties, and beyond some of the best years of your life. Why settle for getting old when you can thrive?

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