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Ageing Safely in the Home of YOUR Choice

 Author: Jean-François Pinsonnault  Category: Aging  Published: 07 Jan, 2022  ISBN: 978-1-03-912888-0  Pages: 270  Language: English  Tags: Book | Jean-François Pinsonnault |  Buy Now

The horrific impact of COVID-19 on residents of long-term care and assisted living facilities in Canada prompted Jean-François Pinsonnault to do something tangible to help. He recognized that almost 100% of seniors strongly prefer to remain in their own homes rather than go to a Retirement home or a long-term care institution, he knew what he had to do. He had already done it. He was the principal Caregiver to his mother for the final fourteen years of her life. For the first ten years, as per her wishes, she lived in her long-time family home, and then in a house he purchased for her and adapted so that she could live with him enjoying a happier, safer, and comfortable life. This book builds on Jean-François’ experience, sharing the lessons learned and helpful tips for seniors so that like his mother, they can remain in the home of their choice.

Ageing Safely in the Home of Your Choice offers hundreds of ideas and tips to maximize safety and comfort. With proper support from family, friends and available community services, seniors can carry out many suggested options detailed in the book to make their daily lives safer and easier to manage. In addition, readers will discover several tools and techniques designed to facilitate and support seniors and their families working through the decision-making process and making the necessary adjustments to remain in their current home or, if desired, transition to a different home environment.

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