Mildred Gertrude Lerman (87)
Date of Birth June 23, 1925
Birthplace Dayton, Ohio
Date of Passing December 7, 2012
Place of Passing Indianapolis, Indiana

My Mother was born Mildred Gertrude Shapiro, but everyone called her “Millie”, except her grandkids called her “Bubbie”.  She was born in Dayton, Ohio.  She was the baby of the house.  She had an older sister, Florence and her 2 older brothers, Stanley, and Melvin. The family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where she went to Hughes High School.  She eventually met my dad (who was also friends with her brother, Mel).   She was such a positive person. She raised us singing songs (as did her sister and brothers) no matter what the situation was, there was always a song to go along with that situation.  The songs helped instill positive values into our lives.  Her favorite song was “She Will Have Music Wherever She Goes.”  And she did have music everywhere she went in her heart and soul.

Once my parents got married, they moved from Cincinnati to Chattanooga, TN (where my brother Jay was born) to Muskegon, MI (where I was born) to Indianapolis, IN (where my baby brother was born).  My mother then told my father they were not moving again.

My mother made me who I am today. When I was 16, she read an article when she was an employment counselor saying there was a need for occupational therapists. She said I should become one. I said, OK mom and I’ve been an OT for over 40 years and still thank my mom every day for everything she did for me and my brothers and my family.

After having medical issues later in life, her mantra when someone asked how she was feeling or doing was: “I’m better today than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.”  I have encouraged this attitude and statement to my kids, grandkids, and my patients throughout my career.  We miss her, her smile, her wisdom, and her singing her songs every day and are happy that she is our hearts as she was an important part of our lives.

Published by Cathy Joseph
on November 25, 2023 (3 months ago)
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