1. How to Refresh and Keep Mental Control in a Fast Paced Business World and Identifying igns of Mental Illness Prior to Major Consequences Will Young 25:10

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Elise Micheals is a creative, coach, and successful business owner. She helps men find purpose and passion by healing subconscious trauma through 1 on 1 Coaching. ms. Micheals is an incredibly genuine woman that has tripled the Income of her business year after year for her first 3 years in business. This is a great display of her business ability and marketability. She understands through studying and practicing business for 10-plus years the ins and outs of a truly profitable business. the example Elise sets for business individuals and men as a whole show her great ability to improve the lives of her clients. she offers several different levels of value between paid and unpaid options. Her website is very professionally made and her message is as truthful as they come. support Elise by heading over to her website and at least sharing it with someone who you think needs it most.
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