1. How to make a flawless Cashflow System, Grow a Business, or Manage Employees the right way Will Young 35:22

Ousmane and I’s LinkedIn profiles:

Ousmane is an IT consultant that helps build and retain cash flow. he is currently operating with 5 employees and a massive network of clients that make infinitely more money with his systems in place. Ousmane will take existing companies and increase profits by investing back into the company’s infrastructure, strategies, and so much more. 

Will Young Podcaster

Will Young will walk into the territory of entrepreneurial and small business owner knowledge with this podcast. My goal is to use my own experience as well as the expertise of others to light a path to financial freedom and career success. If you want to start a side hustle or advance your career through actionable steps and real-life stories from experienced business owners and investors, this is the place for you. Please enjoy the truths and laughs of the Young Blooded Podcast experience.