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199. Finding $1,000/mo To Improve Your Life with Mary Ann Stenquist

  1. 199. Finding $1,000/mo To Improve Your Life with Mary Ann Stenquist Esther Avant 36:29

Have you ever seen people raving about a meal delivery or cleaning service and thought, “I wish I could afford something like that.”?

Or maybe you’d love to work with a coach to help you reach your weight loss goals but just feel like the budget is too tight after you pay for all the stuff your kids need for sports, house stuff, and other necessities.

Today’s guest, Spending Coach, Mary Ann Stenquist, is here to help us afford the lives we want — with the money we already have.

Learn the 6 types of spenders, the underlying emotions that drive them, and how to find up to $1,000/month to put toward the things you actually want and will help you live your healthiest and happiest life.

Mary Ann is a Spending Coach that teaches women how to become unshoppable so they can afford the life they want with the money they already have. She teaches how to overcome the urge to shop by teaching why we shop and how to stop spending before it happens. She is passionate that all women deserve to find the money to not just survive but to thrive.

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Esther Avant Health & Weight Loss Coach

Esther Avant is a health industry veteran with over 17 years of experience in fitness, nutrition, and wellness related roles. She is a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer, wellness coach, and owner of EA Coaching, which has provided holistic health & lifestyle coaching since 2015.

Her mission is to help women live their happiest, healthiest, and most confident lives and to change the fact that the majority of women are so preoccupied with their weight and bodies that they never fully pursue their passions. She knows that if more women prioritized their health, they’d be able to unleash the confidence and focus they all need to leave their mark on the world

Esther is also a boy mom and Navy wife who has lived and traveled all over the world while running her EA Coaching.

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