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A Journey Through the Joys of Gardening and the Magic of Ground Covers with Gary Lewis : 132

  1. A Journey Through the Joys of Gardening and the Magic of Ground Covers with Gary Lewis : 132 39:21

Join us on a botanical journey with Gary Lewis, M.Sc., a plant connoisseur whose rich history with horticulture has blossomed into a nursery boasting over 5,000 plant varieties. Gary's life is a colourful journey, from the hibiscus in his grandmother's garden to the exotic flora of distant lands, marked by a deep-seated passion and knowledge for plants.

Gary is the President of Phoenix Perennials and Specialty Plants Ltd. He has built the nursery into one of the best-known destinations for home gardeners and plant enthusiasts from all over the Lower Mainland in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He also wrote the encyclopedia “The Complete Book of Ground Covers” 4000 Plants That Reduce Maintenance, Control Erosion, and Beautify the Landscape.

This episode is a treasure for plant lovers. We trace Gary's roots from a young botanist to the creator of an indispensable guide on ground covers. His scientific background sheds light on the fascinating intersection of plant ecology and practical gardening, enlightening us on the value of diversity in the plant kingdom. 

As we traverse the lush pathways of Phoenix Perennials, Gary reflects on the recent gardening surge sparked by the global pandemic, reminding us how tending to our gardens can be a source of solace and community strength. His dedication to nurturing plants and the people who care for them resonates deeply. Tune in for a heartfelt conversation that celebrates the perennial joys of gardening and the shared growth we experience through our love for plants.

Vice President | Planta!: The Plantlife ConservationS Society |
Perennial and Bulb Selection Committee Member | Great Plant Picks |
Advisory Committee Member | E-Flora BC |

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