1. Can a Matchmaker Find Your Soulmate? Dr. Gladney 48:33

Exciting news! Episode 4 of our podcast is now available. Trust me, you won't want to skip this enlightening discussion. In this episode, titled “Can a Matchmaker Find Your Soulmate,” Dr. G sits down with matchmaker Anika Walker to delve into the intricacies of the matchmaking process. They explore how it works, discuss success rates, navigate the vast dating pool, and outline the steps involved in finding your ideal match. By the end of the episode, you'll feel inspired to dip your toes into the dating pool and explore the possibilities of being matched. Tune in now for an insightful conversation!

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Dr. Lawana Gladney Dr. G, Success Psychologist

Dr. Lawana Gladney, Ph.D., speaker, trainer, author, and media personality, is the premiere Success Psychologist and CEO of 24 Carat Speakers, LLC, a premium speaker’s agency for women. Her Ph.D. in Instructional Psychology and Technology focuses on success and wellness and the science of the mind. This degree not only focuses on human behavior, but how the brain processes information that will lead to change. Having that expertise and background, coupled with years of research, Dr. Gladney has developed several programs and systems that have helped thousands of people to take control and regain personal identity by learning how to manage emotions, stress, health, and create the life that is desired.

She is a media expert, TV Show Host, Host of the International Podcast “Single Life with Dr. G – Dating Over 40, and Psychology of Success and she has been featured on national radio and TV programs and magazines and has reached over 35 million. She is the author of 6 books and co-author of four. Her heart and mission is helping women to regain their identity and walk in their power.