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“Turning a Life around with Podcasting: The Journey to Recovery From Alcoholism and Building a Meaningful Career” with Larry Robert from Red Hat Media

  1. “Turning a Life around with Podcasting: The Journey to Recovery From Alcoholism and Building a Meaningful Career” with Larry Robert from Red Hat Media Dr Brad Miller 1:00:54

Larry Roberts is Dr. Brad Miller’s guest on Episode ___ of “The Beyond Adversity Podcast.”

Larry is the founder of Red Hat Media.

An industry-leading agency dedicated to building better brands through the power of podcasting. Red Hat Media provides professional, done-for-you podcast services that give brands a unique and cost-effective way to engage their audience, establish thought leadership, generate valuable leads, and differentiate themselves from their competition.

In this episode, Larry shared how he overcame alcohol addiction.

Larry shares insights about his approach to personal accountability, referencing a book he constantly keeps with him called “Extreme Ownership,” and his belief in being responsible for everything that happens in his life, whether good or bad

Larry also discussed how he translates the sense of personal ownership to service to others. He describes his passion for serving others, particularly in podcasting and AI, and how he helps people achieve their goals, such as launching their own podcasts or speaking careers. He elaborates on his fulfillment in seeing others succeed and how it relates back to his own experiences and the people who have helped him.

Larry shared an inspiring story about a Ph.D. holder in safety he helped launch his podcast, leading to his success and fulfillment, emphasizing the joy he gets from helping others succeed.

Larry Roberts’ story is a powerful, spiritual, and transformational testament to one who has lived out the pathway of navigating adverse life events and emerged to a life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. 

Episode 279 of The Beyond Adversity Podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking for an inspirational story of a man who overcame tremendous obstacles and now wants to help others do the same so that they can achieve their full potential.

“The Beyond Adversity Podcast with Dr. Brad Miller is published weekly with the mission of helping people “Grow Through What They Go Through” as they navigate adversity and discover their promised life of peace, prosperity, and purpose. | 




Dr. Brad Miller hosts the Beyond Adversity Podcast, he is a husband, father, grandfather, pastor, a fabulous storyteller, and a genuine "Baby Boomer" (Born in 1958). He also has the honor of killing "Dadzilla" and saving his daughter's wedding. He is a retired pastor, holds advanced degrees in life transformation, is an online Santa Claus, and has traveled the world. A podcaster for over a decade The Beyond Adversity Podcast serves a worldwide audience with a message that encourages the listener to face and overcome debilitating adverse life events (Depression, Divorce, Debt, Disease, Death) and to claim their personal promise given life of peace, prosperity, and purpose.

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