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May 3rd, 2024

Joseph Baskin – Burning River

  1. Joseph Baskin - Burning River Travis Davis 35:37

Joseph Baskin, a psychiatrist working in a jail, discusses his new book ‘Burning River’ with Travis Davis. The book is a horror supernatural novel set in Cleveland and revolves around an elevator with a mind of its own. Baskin shares his experience working in the correction system and how it inspired the characters in his book. He also talks about his previous books, which include a dark comedy thriller and a mystery novel. Baskin discusses his writing process and the challenges of finding time to write while juggling his job and family. In this conversation, Travis Davis and Joseph Baskin discuss various topics related to writing and research. They touch on marketing strategies for authors, the abundance of readers in the market, and the importance of authenticity in fiction. They also delve into Joseph’s writing style and his preference for writing with music. The conversation then shifts to World War I and the historical research involved in writing about that time period. They discuss the impact of World War I on the world today and the fascinating facts Joseph discovered during his research. The conversation concludes with a discussion about Joseph’s upcoming book and where listeners can find his work.

Travis Davis Author and Podcaster
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