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May 12th, 2024

Ep.91-Teen Connections: Fostering Relationships with Grassroots Approach Founder, Arsho Kalloghlian

  1. Ep.91-Teen Connections: Fostering Relationships with Grassroots Approach Founder, Arsho Kalloghlian Jackie Scully 40:03

Join me for an insightful conversation with Arsho Kalloghlian, a psychotherapist, based in Australia, specializing in facilitating relationship skills programs for high school students and adults. She shares her expertise in helping educators enhance classroom engagement and motivation, even among the most disengaged students.

In today’s educational landscape, educators face numerous challenges, from administrative tasks to catering to individual student needs. Arsho discusses how the Grassroots Approach Program empowers educators to connect with every student, fostering lifelong learning and boosting self-esteem.

Arsho’s work extends beyond the classroom, as she provides life skills programs for senior students, including strategies for managing stress during exams. With a focus on mental health and relational wellbeing, she emphasizes the importance of adapting and evolving to support future generations in a rapidly changing world.

Tune in to discover how the Grassroots Approach Programs are transforming student engagement and workplace culture, one relationship at a time.

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Jackie Scully Educator / Podcaster / Education Reform & Teacher Advocate

Jackie Scully is an experienced History/Psychology Teacher, Creator/Host of The Teacher Story which features my own story and then teacher interviews. She wants to elevate teacher voices and others in education and put them at the forefront of the education reform movement. She is also the Co-founder of The Teacher Circle LinkedIN group, which is a global community to support teachers and others in education. A new episode drops every Sunday. The podcast has two seasons and is currently on summer break. Season 3 will start up again on August 20th, 2023. Jackie is taking the summer break for personal travel, student trip to Europe, and working on her first book that is due to be out late 2023/early 2024. She is part of the Education Revolution! Let's keep doing good work in education and building a better future for our children.

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