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April 29th, 2024

Sonny Melendrez Conducts the San Antonio Symphony #shorts

When You’re Asked to Conduct the San Antonio Symphony

This is one of two opportunities I had to conduct the symphony. The experience was nothing short of exhilarating!

The piece I chose is Les Toreadors from Bizet’s Carmen, for two reasons: One, the great energy in the highs and softness of the lows, ending in a grand finale which, to me, represents life itself. And, secondly, dedicated to person who gave me life, my mom, Carmen.

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Sonny Melendrez Inspirational Speaker | Radio/TV Host | Author

Sonny Melendrez, an award-winning TEDx motivational speaker, media consultant, and inspirational figure, has dedicated over 20 years to uplifting individuals and organizations.

Renowned for his energetic keynote speeches and workshops, Melendrez focuses on empowering associations, educational institutions, and businesses to achieve their fullest potential. His engaging presentations are known for their humor and interactive elements, aiming to inspire transformative changes in careers and lives.

Melendrez's accolades include being twice named Billboard Magazine's "National Radio Personality of the Year" and induction into the Texas Radio Hall Of Fame and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the top 100 radio personalities. His broadcasting career spanned leading radio stations across Los Angeles and San Antonio, where he not only hosted popular shows but also significantly contributed to public service.

Beyond radio, Melendrez has excelled as a TV host, actor, motivational speaker, and voice artist, endorsing brands like Disney and Pepsi, and engaging audiences at high-profile events, including the White House Hispanic Heritage Awards. He's passionately contributed to social causes, leading initiatives like The Children of the World Project and actively supporting numerous charities, raising over $100 million for non-profits.

Melendrez's efforts have earned him commendations from President Reagan, a Grammy nomination, and recognition as a socially responsible entrepreneur.

His book, "The Art of Living with Enthusiasm!", encapsulates his philosophy on the transformative power of positivity and enthusiasm in personal and professional realms.

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