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April 24th, 2024 Mature Content

Ep 44| Love, AI, and Human Connections: A Conversation with Dr. Etel Leit| Andrea Knoche

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  1. Ep 44| Love, AI, and Human Connections: A Conversation with Dr. Etel Leit| Andrea Knoche Andrea Knoche 1:09:00

In this episode, Andrea sits down with Dr. Etel Leit, a renowned author, professor, and media personality. With her diverse background, including serving as a commander in Israeli Intelligence, Dr. Leit brings a unique perspective to the table. Most recently, she has been exploring the fascinating intersection of AI and psychology.

Together, Andrea and Dr. Leit delve into topics related to relationships and love, discussing the complexities of human connections in the digital age. They touch on the pitfalls of people-pleasing and offer insightful strategies for turning around bad relationships. Tune in for a conversation that blends deep psychological insights with the latest in technology, providing a fresh take on how to navigate modern relationships.




Website: www.frommrstoms.net

Email: info@frommrstoms.net

YouTube: @FromMrs2Ms

Andrea Knoche From Mrs to Ms Podcast

My name is Andrea. I am divorced and the proud mother of two beautiful sons ages 21 & 26. I have worked in the mortgage business for the last 24 years and after most recently being laid off, I have enjoyed pursuing other passions and endeavors. I have a side business selling workout and athleisure wear as well as health and fitness products and I have my podcast 'From Mrs to Ms" which was most recently started about a year ago. This podcast has allowed me to share my crazy dating stories and to talk to people that have gone through the same things as well as experts that give incredible advice.

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