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Farid Razavi, MD, joins us this week on the Tell Me More Podcast. He’s a gastroenterologist and passionate advocate for spreading awareness about colon cancer.

The bottom line of Dr. Razavi’s message is clear: colon cancer is entirely preventable, and it’s crucial that we work together to spread the word about screening.

A colonoscopy is the primary screening procedure for colon cancer. We encourage all listeners to discuss screening with their primary care physician. Routine colon cancer screening should start at age 45 for people without a family history. If no polyps are found during your colonoscopy, the next screening is typically scheduled for 10 years later.

For those with a family history of colon cancer, the first colonoscopy should be scheduled at age 40 or 10 years earlier than the age at which the first-degree family member (parent, sibling) was diagnosed, whichever comes first.

Regular screenings are recommended between the ages of 45 and 75.
To learn more, watch this video of Dr, Meyer as she completes the prep, undergoes her first colonoscopy procedure, and receives the results: https://youtu.be/vZoZ3nzt51M

April 4 is the Colon Cancer Awareness Day Screening event as mentioned in the closing minutes of today’s podcast. You can learn more about Dr. Razavi and the screening event here:
• Berks Center for Digestive Health: https://berksdigestivehealth.com/
• Rob Grim Memorial Athletic Foundation: https://robgrimfoundation.org/
• Dr. Razavi: https://berksdigestivehealth.com/providers/farid-razavi-md/

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