1. Peacock Memories with Karen Tavolieri Cindy Burns with Karen Tavolieri 27:49

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Cindy Judd Burns
Life Coach for Widows and widowers, helping those suffering from Grief to discover who they are now after their loss and grow in confidence so that they can find their new purpose in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.
(Facebook Messenger – Best/fastest way to contact me)  Https://m.me/cindyjuddburns
email: cindy@cindyjburns.com
https://urlgeni.us/facebook/goodgrief (to join the Widow and Widower Support Group)
For a free consultation with Cindy     https://tidycal.com/cindyb/30-minute-meeting

Cindy Burns Life Coach for the Widowed

Exactly one month before our 33rd wedding anniversary, my husband Daniel lost his short battle with lung cancer. Together, we raised six wonderful sons. His death marked the end of an era. The part of me that was a part of him was gone, and I didn't know who I was. After a long, hard struggle, I pulled myself out of that dark pit and determined that I wasn't going to let other widows go through the same hell if I could help it. I became a life coach for the widowed and a grief doula.

I realized that I wasn't the only one who had come out on the other side of grief, and there were a lot of people who had stories of making something good come from their grief. I started a podcast to highlight those individuals and let the world know that life does go on and, if we let it, the new life can be pretty darn good.