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September 25th, 2023

Episode 12: Becoming a Master Advocate

  1. Episode 12: Becoming a Master Advocate Kali Dayton 21:58

It is overwhelming to be a family member in the ICU. What are simple key simple tools to be a master advocate? Terez Depasquale shares with us her incredible journey of advocating for her husband’s life in the ICU and what you need to know to be a master advocate. 

More information about Terez:

Need help specific to your loved one’s situation? Schedule a meeting with me at 

Kali Dayton Walking You Through the ICU

Kali Dayton, DNP, AGACNP, is a critical care nurse practitioner, host of the Walking Home From The ICU podcast, Walking You Through the ICU podcast, and critical care outcomes consultant. She is dedicating her experiences in the “Awake and Walking ICU” and ICUs around the USA to elevate ICU sedation and mobility practices by working to align them with current research. She works with ICU teams internationally to transform patient outcomes through early mobility and management of delirium in the ICU.

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