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Margot Faraci is a leader, author, writer and podcaster. She happened to be working in the UK from Australia so we asked her to come into the studio….which she did.
Margot is a former lawyer and banker who at the age of 14 reflected that her style, in her own words, of 'mean girl' was not appropriate as it was based on deep insecurity.

Margot was a blend of her parents and her first job as a leader was to truly know herself.  Margot also knew that she was a natural leader and it was worth trying to harness the right skills and capabilities by letting go of what was safe and what was known. As we get older and wiser we also travel through different phases of our own development and at age 40 Margot realised that she was burnt out so she took some time out and then entered a period of irrelevancy which is a leaders biggest fear.
It was at this reflection point that Margot realised that there was a balance between fear and love and if she was to return to the corporate world she needed to do it on her own terms with a focus on love not fear.
Things happen in life so all of us have to find the lesson and the gift in any situation, so Margot decided to start researching these issues within organisations and discovered that the UK alone was losing £2bn a year in productivity as a result of over a third of leaders leading from unconscious fear. Besides the numbers it also meant that teams and individuals were burnt out and avoidance was used by many to simply play safe.
Courageous leaders however were hard on the problem and soft on the person.
Margot uses me as an example in the studio to demonstrate how a leader might deal with a toxic star performer through the lens of Love not Fear and leading a conversation with curiosity whilst being Brave, Clear & Fair.
As humans we are judging machines, which historically keeps us safe, however we miss the power of curiosity to provide us with more objective facts to find the win win solution. 


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Adam Pacifico The Leadership Enigma

Adam Pacifico is the host of the award winning, globally ranked podcast, The Leadership Enigma. He has spent 3 decades experiencing and exploring the best and worst of human behaviour in his various roles as a barrister defending and prosecuting in the criminal courts and as an operational police officer on the streets of London. He is insatiably curious and continues looking for the differentiators as to who, how and why people out perform in leadership roles. He is the author of 'The Leader's Secret Code' (shortlisted for business book of the year) and had delivered events nationally and internationally to over 60,000 people.

His passion for leadership is based on advice from his mentor: 'The children of the people you lead will know your name, in what context is up to you.'