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175 – Urban II – Against The Infidels

  1. 175 – Urban II - Against The Infidels John Brandy 11:16


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These podcasts are productions of Little Red Hen Industries. OUR FOURTH

Learn about financial education & personal finance with John Brandy
on Simple Success on Mondays!

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All Little
Red Hen Productions:

⁠⁠John Brandy


Techno King:
John C. Brandy

Alter Ego:
Doubting Thomas

A Small Brown Beef Animal, Really Tiny. Facts Are Important But Are Also Easy

Manager: Abraham Lincoln

Expert: Augustus Caesar

William James

Sound Designer:
Adobe’s Creative Suite

Consultant: Lea – The French Do Your Own Research Lady

Etomon Koshki

Audio Props:
Les Paul

Many podcasts and other sources and of course Napoleon Hill

Other Links:

iOS Simple
Success: ⁠⁠https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/simple-success-with-john-brandy/id1549566678⁠⁠

Droid Simple
Success: ⁠⁠https://podcasts.google.com/search/simple%20success%20with%20john%20brandy⁠⁠

iOS A Choice
Voice: ⁠⁠https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/a-choice-voice-with-john-brandy/id1560026051⁠⁠

Droid A
Choice Voice: ⁠⁠https://podcasts.google.com/search/a%20choice%20voice%20with%20john%20brandy⁠⁠

AI Voices
& Other Stuff @ Amazon Polly, Google, ACE Studios, Suno.AI & ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Online Tone Generator⁠⁠⁠⁠

Finally, you
can find us on Podmatch, Matchmaker.FM, Podbooker and Podcast Guests, where we
consider guests & guesting on other pods.

And really
finally, our music and sound effects come from ⁠⁠freesound.org⁠⁠.

I am a money, success and language nerd who likes the future. I've been a recording engineer, served in the US Air Force, worked at Microsoft and been a stockbroker. Now I'm a financial coach from a happiness perspective!

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