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May 13th, 2024

493. Mastering the Fundamentals: A Deep Dive into Real Estate Investing with Igor Shaltanov

  1. 493. Mastering the Fundamentals: A Deep Dive into Real Estate Investing with Igor Shaltanov Suja Shyam 37:50

What does it take to go from being a professional athlete in Russia to a successful real estate investor in the United States?


In this captivating episode, Igor Shaltanov shares his remarkable journey from being a professional water polo player in Russia to becoming a thriving entrepreneur and real estate investor in the United States. He discusses the challenges he faced during the uncertain times in Russia in the 1990s and how his decision to pursue a career in sports led him to discover new opportunities and expand his horizons. Igor’s story is one of perseverance, adaptability, and the willingness to take risks in pursuit of a better future for himself and his family. Throughout the episode, he shares valuable insights on transitioning from being an athlete to an entrepreneur, the importance of passion and discipline in business, and the lessons he learned from his experiences in real estate investing.


Igor Shaltanov, co-founder and managing partner of Avista Fund, is a former professional athlete who transitioned into successful entrepreneurship and real estate investment. Guided by discipline and a relentless drive for excellence, Igor has founded and managed thriving companies and businesses in Southern California. 

[00:00:00] – [00:08:59] Growing Up in Russia and Pursuing a Career in Sports


  • The challenges and uncertainties of living in Russia in the 1990s

  • How sports provided an opportunity for personal growth and new experiences

  • The impact of traveling and expanding one’s horizons


[00:09:00] – [00:16:59] Transitioning from Athlete to Entrepreneur


  • The decision to stay in the United States and start a new life

  • Opening a basketball training company and the lessons learned from running a business

  • The importance of passion and discipline in entrepreneurship


[00:17:00] – [00:23:59] Discovering Real Estate Investing


  • The journey from being a business owner to an investor

  • The lessons learned from early real estate investments in Russia

  • The decision to focus on real estate investing in the United States


[00:24:00] – [00:30:59] Scaling Up in Real Estate


  • The challenges and benefits of investing in single-family homes

  • The decision to transition to multifamily syndication

  • The importance of understanding one’s goals and desired role in real estate investing


[00:31:00] – [00:34:59] Navigating the Current Multifamily Market


  • The impact of rising interest rates and new supply on the multifamily market

  • The importance of finding good deals and locking in favorable interest rates

  •  The value of staying informed through conversations with experienced operators





“Investing is not about chasing the latest trends; it’s about understanding the fundamentals and making informed decisions.” – Igor Shaltanov


“Real estate investing is a journey of constant learning and adaptation. Embrace the challenges, and you’ll find success.” – Igor Shaltanov

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Sujata Shyam Passive Income Expert

Suja Shyam is a real estate investor, underwriter, Short-Term rental operator, and Fund Manager. Since founding Luxe, her primary focus has always been helping others achieve their financial & life goals.

Suja’s desire to help people started at a young age and continued through the years as she graduated from Northwestern University, and the Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business.

After using her student loans to flip her first house during her MBA, she spent 4 years underwriting multifamily acquisitions for institutional buyers.

By way of bootstrapping her Short-Term Rental Business, and getting her hands dirty, Suja replaced her corporate income at the age of 33.

As a Managing Partner of Luxe Capital, Suja is responsible for acquisitions, fund management, and investor relations.

Integrity, exceptional communication, and delivering results to investors are at the core of every decision she makes.

When Suja isn't touring properties, or underwriting deals, you can find her rollerskating with her friends or exploring an unknown corner of the world.

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