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How To Keep The Weight Off For Good In Midlife/ft. Jill McCauslin & Chris Brown #212

  1. How To Keep The Weight Off For Good In Midlife/ft. Jill McCauslin & Chris Brown #212 Heike Yates, Jill McCauslin, Chris Brown 53:07

We will explore a topic that many find challenging and crucial: maintaining weight loss in Midlife and beyond. I enjoyed chatting with Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown, the inspirational founders of Becoming Elli, a community where women over 50 come together to celebrate and support each other in becoming fit, strong, and vibrant.

Jill and Chris shared their transformations, revealing how hitting their fifties was not an end but a beautiful beginning to discovering the joys of running, lifting weights, and leading a healthier lifestyle. They emphasized that the fitness journey is ongoing, much like the story of Elli, the Norse Goddess of Aging, who embodies strength and Resilience.

One of the golden nuggets from our conversation was the importance of finding a balance between exercise and nutrition that you can enjoy and sustain long-term. Unlike the initial stages of weight loss, which might focus more on calorie deficits and intensive workouts, maintaining weight loss is about creating a lifestyle you love, including various activities and focusing on whole, nutritious foods.

A striking insight was the role of support systems in this journey. Whether it’s a community like Becoming Elli or a close accountability partner, having someone to share your ups and downs with can make all the difference in staying on track and feeling motivated.

Through our chats, Jill and Chris highlighted that one of the biggest lessons is accepting that weight maintenance is a dynamic process. It’s normal for your body to fluctuate, and being kind to yourself, adjusting your habits as needed, and staying connected with a supportive community is critical to navigating these changes.

To anyone feeling overwhelmed by the idea of keeping the weight off, remember, you’re not alone. This journey is about progress, not perfection. Embrace the small victories, lean on your community, and remember, every day is a new opportunity to pursue your spark and thrive.

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Heike Yates Host Pursue Your Spark Podcast

Heike Yates, a Midlife Mindset and Fitness Coach is a powerhouse in fitness, nutrition, and mindset with over 35 years of expertise. She breaks down the complexities of midlife wellness into simple, actionable steps to start taking action today.

But don’t mistake her for someone helping you get by in midlife—Heike’s all about helping you thrive. She’s transforming not just bodies but lives with her unique approach to getting active, eating right, and boosting energy. When she’s not coaching or behind the mic, catch her outdoors, pushing her limits as a triathlete or embarking on a new adventure.

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