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You Are NOT Doing The Right Thing For Health And Wellness

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Cara-Michele Nether Self-Care Consistency Partner

Growing up, my dad told me that our job in life was to care for each other. I watched the adults working hard to create more opportunities for themselves and their families. Ms Ruby, my maternal grandmother, came to live with us when I turned five, making our home the natural hub during the holidays. Having my mom's six siblings and their for extended weekends was bittersweet. I was excited to see everyone, but I resented the pressure it put on my parents. Especially my mom.

For 19 years, I've worked in women's health as a licensed acupuncturist, functional nutrition counselor, and personal trainer. In 2020, the pandemic allowed me to document all the information and strategies I'd been using to help women integrate into their daily routines.

The Strength & Vitality Accelerator is a 12-month training for women 45-65 on the slow-drip process of mastering consistency practices around the foundations of health and wellness. Our Consistency Framework provides a safe community and work pace for the exploration needed to craft daily routines that fit women's individual circumstances and develop the skills needed to get back on the rails when we fall off.

This gives members control over their mental and physical strength, agility, and flexibility. Because pulling the correct energy-producing levers is now a habit, they have control over presenting as the person they truly want to be no matter the time of day or stressors ahead.

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