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November 20th, 2023

Steve Friedman goes ‘Beyond Introversion’ with Hush Loudly 

  1. Steve Friedman goes ‘Beyond Introversion’ with Hush Loudly  25:51

Author, advocate and introvert Steve Friedman joins Hush Loudly host Jeri Bingham. Hear as Steve shares the journey that led him to create his community and the inspiration behind his bestselling books, including “The Corporate Introvert” and “The Essential Guide for Families with Down Syndrome”. For more information about Steve and all his projects, be sure to check out his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/steve.friedman.106?mibextid=ZbWKwL

Steve Friedman Goes ‘Beyond Introversion’ With Hush Loudly  &Raquo; Jeri Hl
Celebrating The Incredible World Of Introverts!

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Jeri Bingham Introvert Advocate and Founder of HushLoudly: Introverts Redefined

Jeri Bingham is an introvert advocate and strategist, and the founder of HushLoudly: Introverts Redefined, an award-winning WGN Radio podcast and brand. Dedicated to amplifying the voices of introverts in a world that celebrates and rewards the most extroverted, Jeri is on a mission to empower through education and understanding, for what she believes is the most ill-defined, misunderstood personality type.

Jeri is an adjunct lecturer for Northwestern University where she teaches Organizational Behavior: Managing Diversity & Inclusion. She is also a certified Myers Briggs (MBTI) practitioner and facilitator who speaks frequently on the topic of personality types, specifically introversion, to organizations, colleges and universities.

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