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Everyday Essential Solutions for Family Wellness with Carrie Donegan 273

  1. Everyday Essential Solutions for Family Wellness with Carrie Donegan 273 Jaci Finneman 38:57

Welcome Back No-Problem Parents!


🤔 Ever been skeptical about essential oils? So was today’s guest and her husband. But now, they’re leading a global movement in holistic wellness. Discover their inspiring journey, from doubt to dominance in the essential oils industry.


💡 In this episode, Carrie Donegan, shares her expertise on safely integrating essential oils into your family’s lifestyle. Learn practical tips, dos and don’ts, and the incredible benefits of using essential oils for your children’s health and well-being.

With a passion for bridging traditional and modern medicine, Carrie’s journey has taken her from international affairs to cultural conservation and now to exploring the power of essential oils in her latest book: “Essential Oils: Healthcare for Today.” This soft-bound, user-friendly guide addresses ways to support overall wellness and presents 90-day plans to help get started. Each entry also includes a summary of scientific data and points to additional research for further study.


📘 Short on time? We created our own Everyday Essentials eBook, crafted especially for No Problem Parents! Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned user, this eBook is packed with must-know information and handy tips to get started!

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Jaclyn Finneman Founder of No Problem Parenting

Hey Parents! Your Kids Crave Your Leadership! You are the expert of your child, but if you don’t think you are, then we gotta lift you and connect you with the right people who can help. From toddler tantrums to teen eye rolls, attachment breaks, explosive meltdowns, and overwhelmed stressed-out parents, Jaci’s been rocking this parenting gig for over 30 years, and she’s here to share the real-deal tips and tricks that are going to help you become the confident leader your kids crave you to be!. Subscribe now, strengthen your family connection confidently, and bring the fun back to parenting. #Parenting #NoProblemParents #ParentingSuccess #NoProblemParenting #ConfidentParenting - You Got This! No-Problem!

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