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May 9th, 2024

Ep. 254 – Jan Ackley

  1. Ep. 254 - Jan Ackley The On Purpose Podcast 56:27

Searching For Change, the memoir written by this week’s guest Jan Ackley, walks you through growing up in poverty. Jan challenged the common belief that his life’s path was predetermined simply by being born in Appalachia. 

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I am a retired police officer (though that money is set aside for our future selves, because we did so at a young age, 46) who now travels the country with my wife and our puppy living full time out of our Airstream.

We run a successful podcast, The On Purpose Podcast in which we share weekly episodes interviewing all sorts of fascinating people we meet around the country who are living their lives with purpose. It's been a fascinating run over the past 4 years and we love growing our purposeful living community around the world.

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