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The Malls of South Florida

  1. The Malls of South Florida Bill Monty 15:31

Text me your favorite South Florida memory.

First up, how about the new theme song? I like it a lot and hope that you do too.

Anyone remember Burdines? Richards? Jordan Marsh? The Orange Bowl? Chess King? Spec's Music and Tapes?

Today, I discuss the places where we went to meet friends, get jobs, and simply hangout. The Dadeland Mall, The 163rd Street Shopping Center, The Hollywood Fashion Center and The Hollywood Mall.  They defined our teen years and for a brief while, our culture.

We thought those days would last forever…until one dark day in July 1981.

And after that we never looked at malls the same way again.

Join me for another TALK Down Memory Lane with another of these Tales from South Florida.

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Approximately 15 minutes.

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the host, Bill Monty, and include his personal memories of growing up in South Florida at a specific time. some additional research has been done for background purposes. Listener discretion is advised.

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William Montgomery Podcaster, Entertainment professional, Senior expert. Florida native

Bill Monty, an entertainment veteran with over 30 years of experience in stage, commercial/film voice overs, radio broadcasting, and host of the podcasts Bill Monty's Guide for Getting Older and Tales from South Florida, brings his diverse background to a fun and informative look at the aging experience as well as the place he has called home for 60 years.

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