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Podcast Journey with Ben Albert: Insights on Entrepreneurship and Podcasting

  1. Podcast Journey with Ben Albert: Insights on Entrepreneurship and Podcasting Kirsten Graham & Jeanne Willson 16:46

In this episode, Kirsten and Jeanne are joined by Ben Albert, owner of Balbert Marketing LLC and curator of the Real Business Connections Network, where he hosts five podcasts. Ben shares insights into his journey into podcasting and how it has evolved over the years.

Main Talking Points:

The Journey into Podcasting:

  • Ben shares his journey from being an accidental entrepreneur to diving into podcasting out of a passion for local music. Despite not having a clear revenue plan initially, he started a local music podcast in 2016, which eventually led him to the world of marketing and entrepreneurship.

Evolution of Podcasting and Business:

  • Ben discusses the evolution of his podcasting journey, starting from a local music podcast to transitioning into a business-focused podcast. Through networking and collaboration with local leaders, he learned valuable business skills while building relationships and creating content.

Finding Niche and Specialization:

  • Reflecting on his business journey, Ben emphasizes the importance of finding a niche and specialization. He shares how he transitioned from being a marketing generalist to focusing on podcast marketing and LinkedIn personal branding, which aligned better with his strengths and client base.

Starting a Podcast vs. Guesting on Podcasts:

  • Ben provides insights into whether individuals should start their own podcast or focus on guesting on existing podcasts. He highlights the importance of understanding one’s current situation and goals, whether it involves building thought leadership, expanding networks, or reaching a broader audience.

Continuous Improvement and Learning:

  • Both hosts and guests benefit from podcasting by continually improving their communication skills, learning from each other, and gaining insights into various topics. Ben emphasizes the value of mindful reflection and seeking opportunities for growth in every interaction.

Authenticity and Connection:

  • A key takeaway from the conversation is the importance of authenticity and genuine connection in podcasting. Whether hosting or guesting, fostering meaningful conversations and avoiding sales pitches creates a more engaging and valuable experience for listeners.

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Jeanne Willson & Kirsten Graham Kirsten Graham & Jeanne Willson, Podcasters, Video Marketers, Outsourcing Specialists

Jeanne Willson and Kirsten Graham are enterprising entrepreneurs, who co-founded Six Figure Business Coaching LLC. They blended Jeanne's marketing expertise with Kirsten's business savvy to empower service-based entrepreneurs. Their innovative programs, (The Marketing VA Advantage and The Podcast VA Advantage), match clients with Marketing Virtual Assistants, to amplify their online presence and strategic marketing plan. Their dedication to mentoring and fostering authentic connections propels their mission forward, creating a supportive community where entrepreneurs can thrive.

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