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September 7th, 2023

#151 Queen of Courage – finding your Spark

The best that you have to give, this December and throughout the year, is from your heart. Your talents, experiences, guiding principles, friends and colleagues – WISDOM!

Retirement, to me, REPRESENTS oodles of time freedom! Potential that possibly needs help being focused, so that you can be meaningfully contributing. contributing in a way that matters to you in your heart.

Today is the launch day of my new experience course: DISCOVER YOUR SPARK: Change the world with the fire in your heart.

What is your Spark? It’s my passion to help you access your deep wisdom and self-knowledge. LET’S CHAT!

#courageous #courage #mentalstrength #retirementliving #retirees #freshcourage #lovematters #retirementcoach #wisdom #babyboomers #intrinsicmotivation #freshcourage #effortlessvitality

Sharon Rolph Retirement Coach, Podcaster
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