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How Stand-Up Comedian and Improv Actor, Steven Morgan Plays for a Living

  1. How Stand-Up Comedian and Improv Actor, Steven Morgan Plays for a Living Mike Montague 31:24

Get ready to explore the world of stand up and improv with the multifaceted Steven Morgan! You'll be hooked from the get-go with our password-themed dad joke, before diving into the delightful juggle that Steven masters daily—balancing a conventional day job with his night-time escapades in stand-up comedy and improv. His financial stability doesn't chain down his creative charisma, allowing him to handpick only those projects that dance to the beat of his heart.

Steven recounts his adventurous leap into a new country and the new world of making others laugh. Eavesdrop on our chat as we peel back the curtain on the unpredictable thrills of live performance, the craft of comedy writing, and the epiphanies that come from embracing the winds of change. His approach isn't just about delivering punchlines; it's about discovering newfound freedom and opening doors to exhilarating opportunities.

The episode ends with a conversation around the dynamic energy exchange between a performer and their audience in the spontaneous world of improv comedy. We get real about the strategies that keep performances fresh and authentic, such as mixing with the crowd pre-show and vibing off an audience member's energy. Then a game of Survey Says, capping off a session brimming with insights on the essential role of playfulness in life. Join us for this playful episode that might just inspire you to sprinkle more joy into your daily grind!

(00:30) – Jokes of the Week with Steven Morgan

(11:53) – Embracing Change Through Comedy and Improv

(19:27) – Finding Balance Between Structure and Creativity

(22:57) – Connecting With Audience Through Improv

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Mike Montague Playful Human

Mike Montague is the Director of Community Engagement at Sandler. He is also a game show host, public speaker, podcaster, and writer at Playful Humans. He has been a radio DJ, karaoke host, virtual game show host, MC, and DJ for live events including opening for Billy Idol, Frankie Valli, and MC-ed at Toby Keith's Bar & Grill. Playful Humans is a community designed to help the burned-out and bored get re-energized and engaged with life. His mission is to help adults discover the power of playing for a living and how to avoid burnout, quiet quitting, or a midlife crisis. Find out more at

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