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May 1st, 2024

Over 50 and Starting a NEW Career

  1. Over 50 and Starting a NEW Career Debra Jones RM with Sherrilynne Starkie 36:52

Being over 50 and wanting something more for yourself is more common than you might think. Society isn't exactly KIND to those wanting to change their careers at this time in their lives, but that's why we're having this conversation today – to show you that this could be the MOST fruitful time of your life.

Sherrilynn Starkey is an expert in navigating the digital landscape. She's a communications consultant, a social media marketing innovator, blogger, and the host of the 50 women over 50 podcast, where she interviewed many inspiring women making a positive impact in their communities and leaving a mark on the world through their work, their mentorship, and even Philanthropy.

Listen in on our conversation that shows us that making a Midlife career change is not only possible, but essential for our personal growth and transformation.

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Debra Jones Alternative Health Professional

Debra Jones RM is the producer and host of OWN THE GREY podcast about HEALTHY AGING in body, mind and spirit. Debra's mission is to dispel the myth that aging is undesirable, and set new, positive, healthy attitudes to reinstate the reverence it deserves! She is an award-winning holistic health professional, teacher, mentor and author of The Successful Healer: A Practical Guide for Holistic Health Practitioners. Known as 'The Healer's Healer' she shares her learning and wisdom with health practitioners to help them evolve personally and professionally to affect real change.

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