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Episode Twenty Eight | Part Two: Melanie van de Velde

  1. Episode Twenty Eight | Part Two: Melanie van de Velde David Radlo 18:31

In the second part of the podcast, Melanie van de Velde, the author of “Lead Like a Genius,” a pioneering common sense voice, delves into the profound influence of a company’s values on talent acquisition. Drawing from her extensive experience in sustainability and leadership, Melanie explores how aligning organizational values with prospective employees’ personal beliefs fosters a culture of purpose-driven innovation and attracts top talent committed to driving positive change. Moreover, Melanie addresses a pressing environmental issue highlighted in part one: the marine plastic crisis affecting over 200 species globally. She shines a spotlight on Sweden’s innovative approach to waste elimination within their supply chain. Melanie provides insights into how such initiatives can serve as a blueprint for businesses worldwide seeking to adopt sustainable practices and combat pressing environmental challenges. Join us for an insightful discussion that explores the intersection of corporate values, talent acquisition, and sustainable supply chain management.

David Radlo is an internationally recognized expert in sustainability, leadership, growth, and innovation. He is known for increasing growth by 50% in 18 months with Strategy, Revenue, People, and Process initiatives. An accomplished CEO, Outside Board Director, PE and Venture Operating Partner, Growth and Exit Coach, Podcaster of Forbes Books "Sustainable Leadership and Disruptive Growth" and 2X Best selling Author of the "Principles of Cartel Disruption" and "Secret Stories of Leadership, Growth, and Innovation," and International Fortune 500 Speaker.

His accomplishments in his twenty-five years as a CEO include delivery 6X increase and is a 10X Entrepreneur. David is experienced both in the US and Globally(having negotiated an agreement with Fidel Castro) and works well with venture, private, public, and family & college entities. David's Blue Chip trained by Citibank and Chase. He is presently a Board Advisor and Operating Partner with Fvlcrum Funds along with RB Agri Markets-Acheivemost where he has worked on his $2.5B in acquisitions some of which while serving in an Advisory Capacity for STIFEL and Charlesbank Capital Partners.

David's podcast focus on extraordinary success and the opportunity for us to learn from their results. More information on david, please go to

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