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May 5th, 2024

Mastering Public Speaking to Elevate Your Business With Mike McQuillan

  1. Mastering Public Speaking to Elevate Your Business With Mike McQuillan Harry Spaight 37:19

Welcome to Sales Made Easy. Today, we delve into the transformative power of public speaking for career advancement and business growth. Join host Harry Spaight and renowned speaking coach Mike McQuillan as they unravel the art of engaging presentations and the pivotal role of effective communication in fields as diverse as plumbing and HVAC. Whether you're aiming to enhance your professional stature or seeking practical tips on dispensing with slide-heavy presentations for impactful storytelling, this episode is your guide to mastering public speaking. Tune in to glean insights from Mike's extensive experience and discover how joining organizations like Toastmasters can elevate your speaking skills and open new doors in your career journey. Don't miss out on learning how to captivate and connect with your audience—essential skills for leaders across all industries.

Mike McQuillan has combined his two greatest passions of public speaking and physical fitness to create FIT Presenter, the #1 resource for public speaking in the fitness industry. He has since expanded his work to help solopreneurs in all fields craft a message to define and promote their businesses.

His journey started as a combat correspondent for the Marines, and continued on in civilian life in the dual role of personal trainer and fitness certification instructor. His masters degree in guidance counseling and passion for teaching led him to his current home of Lima, Peru, where he has taught English as a foreign language for over 10 years.

Harry Spaight Founder of Selling With Dignity

Harry Spaight is a leading keynote speaker, author, and sales consultant who has achieved remarkable success in sales. With over 20 years of experience in hypercompetitive sales environments, Harry has sold and led teams to tens of millions in sales. Coupled with his experience as a former missionary, Harry has a unique perspective on how to sell without being pushy.

Harry works with individuals and businesses who want to step up their sales, so they can thrive.
He is the author of “Selling with Dignity” and is the host of the “Sales Made Easy” podcast.

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