1. Let's Share, Panda Bear is an enchanting tale, filled with friendship, sharing, hollischapmanshow 30:00

Leslie Stratton-

Have you ever wondered why panda bears are black-and-white? Let’s Share, Panda Bear is an enchanting tale, filled with friendship, sharing, and self-discovery, that celebrates the importance of spreading happiness everywhere you go. Take a journey to a world where pandas aren’t just black-and-white but come alive with hues of green, blue, and even purple. Panda Pete, an incredibly kind panda, discovers a magical way to share colors with his animal friends. As the forest transforms into a vibrant rainbow, each creature joyously embraces their unique shades. Yet, in a touching twist, Pete and Jack learn that being black-and-white has its own special magic. Young readers will be captivated by the delightful illustrations and the heartwarming message that true beauty lies in celebrating one’s authentic self and in sharing the colors of happiness with those around them.