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May 9th, 2024 Mature Content

Undeniable Podcast: Remembering Dave Rosenberg and the Impact of 50 Years in Cleveland Advertising

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  1. Undeniable Podcast: Remembering Dave Rosenberg and the Impact of 50 Years in Cleveland Advertising Peter Cimoroni 36:50

In this heartfelt episode of “Undeniable,” we
honor the legacy of Dave Rosenberg, the beloved founder of Rosenberg Advertising, who recently passed away. We reflect on his impact over the past
50 years in the Cleveland advertising community, his philosophy on relationships and professionalism, and his influence that continues through his son Austin.


Segment 1: Dave Rosenberg’s Impact and Legacy

Host Peter Cimoroni reflects on the tragic loss of Dave Rosenberg, recounting personal experiences and the deep connections Dave fostered in the industry.

Discussion of how Dave viewed his employees as partners, and the mutual respect and love shared within the community.

Segment 2: Interview with Dave Rosenberg

A replay of one of the last interviews with Dave, exploring his motivations and the origins of his career in advertising.

Dave shares stories from his early days, his leap into
starting his own agency, and the challenges and triumphs of building a business rooted in strong client relationships.

Segment 3: The Evolution of Rosenberg Advertising

Discussion on the growth and adaptation of Rosenberg
Advertising through the years, led by Dave’s son, Austin.

Insights into the current landscape of the advertising
industry and how the agency remains competitive and relevant.


A tribute to Dave’s enduring influence on those who knew him and the advertising world.

Encouragement for listeners to learn from Dave’s dedication to relationships and community within the business.

Sponsorship Spotlights:

Special Thanks:


A thank you to Dave Rosenberg for his contributions to the
field and his lasting impact on everyone he worked with.

Directions to access more episodes of “Undeniable”
and information on featured guests and topics.

Additional Information:

Listeners can find more about Rosenberg Advertising and
continue the conversation by visiting http://www.rosenbergedv.com, where Dave’s legacy
continues under the leadership of Austin Rosenberg and Melissa Sattler.



Special thanks to our sponsors and partners who support the podcast and the sharing of impactful stories like that of Dave Rosenberg.

Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/bloodtime/support

Peter Cimoroni is a serial entrepreneur that has also assisted dozens of local and national companies in strategic growth, brand development, and acquisition negotiations. Peter founded and heads two companies, one a marketing firm specializing in new product development and charity fundraising, the other offering customers a single contact point for business solutions requiring professional services.

As host of the Blood Time Podcast, Peter has delivered 50 episodes and counting of engaging and meaningful interviews with his guests. Episodes have reached nearly 1,000 impressions per episode and has amassed a social media following of over 10k in its’ first year.

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